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The Goddess
A pilgrimage through France

Sacred Journey
June 15th-June 20th 2024

From the depths of Time,

She has been calling your name.

Listen to the Introduction

Meet the GoddessIntroduction
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This is your initiation

Into the secrets of the deep feminine, the Black Madonna, the primordial one

To discover what this journey holds for you


When you enter The Goddess' territory, you form a silent agreement. That you, as you know yourself, should soon cease to exist. This is the only reason why you chose to be here, at a conscious, or subconscious level. And the time has come. The dissolving arms of the ultimate primordial figure, dark void, prima matter, awaits.


I will not hold your hand. I will not comfort you as you weep old wounds. When the trajectory of your soul reveals something so deep and ancient it overwhelms the idea of who you are, I will push you over the edge.


I am here to go with you to the grave, lay there in the moist soil of the Earth, release old identities, turn them compost material. And with the Lady of the Path, rekindle the flicker of your truth, so the you that is yet to be born, can awaken.


Meet your guide on this journey

Receive the Medicine of the Mother

She is the ultimate alchemist.

She offers no compromise. She offers obliteration of the finite concepts you may hold on to, so her infinite wisdom can come forth and reveal more of your true self.

You were not born half-authentic.
Half-hearted. Half-body, half spirit.

You were made whole.

And so you should be.


Each journey is unique and crafted according to your needs. The Land holds unique medicine for each of our souls, and it is by listening to her calling in deep surrender that the transformation operates, through and for us all.

Divine Timing

"The Goddess will take us there". The schedule will appear on a day to day basis as we track the synchronicities and messages offered to us by the land. Trust and deep listening are the two ingredients that lead to ease and grace in the process.

Commitment to Truth

Truth is the essence of those deep medicinal realms. We commit to showing up authentically, especially when the feelings are uncomfortable, and lean in further with all that we have, in each moment.

Going Home

These journeys are deeply transformational and should be approached with infinite reverence, and a willingness to see your life changed as a result of it. No two things may look the same at the end of our time together. It is important that you come prepared, and tell your closest ones as well.

Wondering if this journey is for you ? 

Fill in this form to share more about your specific calling.

We can then have a call to answer all questions and feel into this together.

How we roll.


We begin our ceremony at 11 am on Sunday, June 15th

We close our ceremony at 5 pm on Thursday, June 20th


15th-19th June (4,5 days, 4 nights): Rennes Les Bains

19th-20th June(1,5 day, 1 night): Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume

Travel plans

The nearest airport of arrival is Toulouse.

The nearest airport of departure is Marseilles.

We will be moving around with cars during the journey, so if you are not motorized, please consider renting your vehicle or grouping up with others.

nb: there is a chance we might be able to consolidate enough vehicles to not need to rent any additional ones. This shall be confirmed shortly after the group is formed.


4 nights in Rennes les Bains followed by 1 night in St Maximin la Sainte Baume. Accommodations will be mostly shared in Rennes les Bains. If you have a strict preference for a single room please let me know in the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate (A supplement per night applies).  

If you are signing up with a partner or a friend, please make it clear in the registration form so we can pair you up (double bed options available).


We will be journeying by car and will be making our way through daily attunements and collective tracking of the cues the path offers us. The Land is our ultimate guide and I am here to support in the integration and actioning of her messages. Please note there will be one longer journey by car on the 19th that will require at least 2 of us to be designated drivers for the whole group (additional volunteers to split the task are welcome!)


Our meals will be prepared for us during our stay in Rennes les Bains. If you have strict diet requirements please advise in the registration form. Note the hosting location has a kitchen reserved for our usage only. If for any reason you prefer to prepare your own food, please let me know in advance and make sure to organize for this option before the gathering starts. 

There will be options for eating out throughout the journey as well.


No snacks will be provided so please bring your own as there aren't many grocery shops in the area.

Aside from breakfast, we will be eating out on the 19th and 20th.

Those costs are not covered by the retreat fee and will have to be settled individually. 

What to bring

Bring comfortable clothes to walk and exercise in. There will be a few hikes of low-medium difficulty. Sturdy walking boots are advised. Trainers are fine, just make sure the sole isn't smooth.

It is usually sunny and warm at this time of the year. A light rain jacket might still be a good thing to pack in your suitcase. A bathing suit. A hat. Sunscreen. Any sacred items you wish to carry with you during the journey (please don't bring your whole collection of crystals, as important as they are, you will have to carry them).  A reusable water bottle. A flashlight can come in handy at some points of the journey, or to navigate camp at night. A journal. Earplugs if you are the lucky one with a snoring neighbor, an eyemask for our meditative journeys (not compulsory at all). Your egoic parts, ready to be offered in sacrifice :)


To confirm your participation please settle your payment 2 weeks before the beginning of the journey, by Sat 1st of June. This will support the energetic container and will hold you as you begin to prepare for those days on the land. Your full commitment is necessary, as you will begin to feel the shifts right after confirming your booking.


2 to 3 person group

600 EUR per day

excl. accomodation & food

Minimum of 3 days

When I work with a group of 1 to 3 people, I tend to work at the individual and the collective level. Each person gets at least one 45-minute session with me for attunement and energetic alignment and the rest is conducted as part of the group unfolding.

4 to 6 person group

700 EUR per day

excl. accomodation & food

Minimum of 3 days

With larger groups, my focus shifts more toward the collective transformation and focuses less on the individual journey, although each person is held equally in this process. The supporting practices allow for sharing space and deep listening to occur within the group so all can be witnessed in due course.

Individual Journeys

333 EUR per day

excl. accomodation & food

Minimum of 3 days

A truly unique experience as you will get my focused attention during the course of our time together. And this simply means, I will be leading your initiation every step of this sacred voyage, engineering with your soul the in-depth transformation it has called for.

Please note that accommodation costs and food expenses are not included in these rates as locations may vary. I kindly ask that in addition to the guiding fee (to be paid in advance), all food and accommodation costs shall be settled directly by the travelling guests.

To make a reservation

Fill in the intake form

You will then be guided through to the next steps.

Any specific questions ?

Get in touch so I can answer any further inquiries you may have.

Thanks for submitting. I will get back to you soon.

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Thank you for visiting.

I hope to see you soon on this pathway of transformation.

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